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Motion University is an 8-week online training program where you will learn everything from pre-production and drawing storyboards, to cinematic camerawork and lighting, to sound, editing, and much more!

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Student Requirements

Student Age
16+ (Recommended)
Time Each Week
8-10 hours each week (average)
Prior Experience
Most of our students have previously completed 4-5 projects. If you are just getting started, see our recommended gear list below.
Equipment Needed
– Camera (DSLR or better)
– Tripod
– Microphone
– Basic Lighting Kit
– Editing software: Adobe Premiere or Final Cut
– Computer capable of running Adobe Premiere or Final Cut
– Internet capable of streaming video

REMEMBER – Renting gear for your project can be a good option.

Click Here for a list of recommended gear.

Professional filmmaker and teacher John-Clay Burnett will take you through the process of creating a promotional film, and coach you through what it takes to make a film for a client. Even if you already know some of the basics, you’ll be sure to discover new things that help you hone your craft and take it to the next level.